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Welcome to the first post of Barefoot Running Australia, the beginning of our exploration into all things barefoot in the land down under. Our aim is to build a community and meeting place to promote the benefits of running barefoot in modern day society. There are many health and performance benefits from running barefoot, with a growing body of evidence coming to light everyday.  The goal of the site is to provide a place where you can find everything there is to know about this wonderful (and easily accessible!) form of exercise. For those just starting out, to the seasoned marathoner, we hope to provide valuable information for everyone by bringing together all the latest findings from the barefoot world, researching the latest evidence based science, and reviewing available barefoot technology.

In Australia
Our aim is to organise and bring together Australians so that they can explore this wonderful and fast growing concept of barefoot running. We will be organising barefoot runs and events, initially starting in Sydney and hopefully spread across the country!


  1. Om - March 13, 2011, 11:01 pm Reply

    Hi Sam and Ben,

    I have just begun to experiment with barefoot running, with a ten year background in running middle distance. I also have a four year history of minor and major niggling injuries. I really don’t want to jinx it, but I’m going well so far, no injury recurrence (although I have only been trying for 3 weeks). I am very interested, based on the results so far, in becoming involved in any bfr communities here in Oz, although I’m way north in Townsville (aha, lonely, but not wanting for trails and bushland to run in!). Keep posting yeah. I hope to continue bfr, it is turning out to be more lifestyle changing than just running method-changing, definitely in a positive way!

    • Sam - March 14, 2011, 8:45 pm Reply

      Hi Om,

      Great to hear from you. What kind of niggling injuries were you suffering from? I’ve been hearing very similar reports all over the place, which I guess is not surprising when reported injury rates in runners range from 19-79%! No wonder though when there are so many people who run with shoes and block the constant stream of sensory information that helps moderate our running technique.

      It’s great that you were able to discover bfr and have seemingly experienced some success (hopefully no jinx!). How did you come across the idea of going barefoot? Ben and I attended a bfr course over the weekend with Barefoot Ted held by barefootinc and it was very interesting to learn that a number of people who had been barefooting were reporting similar lifestyle changes. To be perfectly honest I’ve never enjoyed running before gave barefoot a go and as a consequence it’s doing great things for me stress levels! I think it’s because you are forced to run with a more honest and enjoyable rhythm. This means that you’re less likely to overload your joints and muscles and are far more likely to avoid overtraining. So after a nice run you just get to enjoy the endorphins!

      We are fast learning that there is a lot of people in Australia and the rest of the world who are keen on getting involved in bfr communities, so rest assured its happening! Be sure to share some of your great trails with us!

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