About Us

In our quest to know all things barefoot we found that there was a major lack of resources in Australia where someone could easily come and learn about running barefoot or in minimalist shoes.

So we decided to create a central hub where we can present the science and logic of barefoot & minimalist running to the greater population and therefore give you the chance to explore this wonderful and fast growing concept of barefoot running. We would also like to provide you with a place where you can come and discuss the broader concept of running with like minded people.  In essence we want to create to a barefoot running community that is open to everyone.

In addition we will be organising running events, running groups  and other events. Initially we will be starting in Sydney barefoot going across the country!

We would also like it to make it clear that we are not barefoot extremists. We are realistic and accept that shoes are part of life and we still enjoy wearing shoes daily. We  are simply interested in applying the principles of scientific logic and how we can appropriate it to the modern world we live in.

Ben & Sam