Vibram Five Fingers: Komodo Sport LS vs Bikila LS ?

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    So my pair of Vibram FiveFinger Sprints have finally gave in on me, and so I am in the market for a new pair of VFF’s. I’ve thought about some of the other minimalist shoes like the Vivobarefoot Neos , or the Vivobarefoot Ultra but decided it is worth the funny looks to have that unmatched toe manoeuvrability. And you hear it a lot but the Vibrams really are some of the most comfortable “shoes” i’ve ever worn on my feet.

    I want these for all purpose activities, barefoot running obviously (more sprints and HIT than long distance running however), gym workouts, trail walking, sport, etc. And for this reason I want them a little thicker than my last pair the Sprints because I did occasionally run into difficulties with them on certain rough terrains. I’ve done a little research online and so far I have whittled it down to the Komodo Sport LS or Bikila LS, both of which employ the new laces design which supposedly is better for a wider foot or higher instep.

    Does anyone own one or both of these? If so what are you experiences?

    KMD (Komodo) Sport LS
    Komodo Sport LS model of Vibram Five Finger Barefoot Running Shoes

    Bikila LS
    Bikila LS model of Vibram Five Finger Barefoot Running Shoes

    Also I know my size, anyone know where to get them cheapest online? The store in the city (Sydney CBD) I bought my last pair from sell them for $180 from memory (when they are listed on the official Vibram site for $110)! Yikes!


    Sorry not $180, $200AUD! We really get the raw end of the deal here down under don’t we! But I do know my size, which is 43, so I can order online…

    Zac Nolan

    I own the bikila ls and I really like them! However I have read online numerous times how the new komo sports are the comfiest pair of vibrams yet. I don’t need new ones yet so I havent had a chance to try them on. I can say I really prefer the laces over the traditional strap. I have quite a wide foot so they allow the show to hug my foot more, whereas I used to have to pull the strap tight which would case bunching up of the side material.¬†Sorry I can’t help you more.


    For me I’m currently on the vivobarefoot bandwagon. I love running in the Neo’s with the insole taken out! My VFF spint’s have started to wear out between my 1st and 2nd toes, which is super uncomfortable!


    I went with the Komosport LS, will report back…

    scott tinkler

    Keen to hear how you went with the LS, Ben!

    I’m with Sam though of late, the Vivo are an excellent range. I find my FF actually tend to stress my toes more as they are all separated, it doesn’t feel right to me to have stuff between my toes (other than space!) and once the feet swell a bit on a long run I find my feet stress more than if I was barefoot.

    Must say I’m amazed at what your feet can do if you let them, I’ve done a few 20k and more barefoot and had no issues at all, mind you I’m not a fast runner, guess if you’re running 5min and faster pace it’s more taxing.

    I have a pair of Teva sandals that are good, but on rough trails as you can lift your toes off the front of the sandal the sole can occasionally get caught on roots or rocks if you don’t lift high.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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